New: It’s increasingly important that professional societies adopt a strict code of conduct for their meetings, prohibiting harassment and discrimination and specifying mechanisms for reporting inappropriate behavior. I’ve started a google doc listing societies, whether they have a code of conduct, and a link to theirs if they do. Check if your favorite society is listed here (the current count is 60). If it’s not, please add it! And if your favorite society doesn’t have a code of conduct, contact them and request that they adopt one!

New: My paper “High prevalence of voluntary sterilization among American women explained by trade-offs resulting from male parental commitment” has been published by Journal of Biosocial Science.

New: The Human Behavioral Ecology Bibliography (HBEB) has been revived as an editable google doc. Anyone can now add their publications to it! Click on the HBEB link above.

I am an anthropologist and demographer in the Department of Anthropology’s program in Human Health and Biology at the University of Oklahoma. My current research projects include:

  • obesity, diabetes, gestational weight gain, and pregnancy outcomes in the United States, with an emphasis on race/ethnic health disparities
  • race/ethnic and sex disparities in voluntary sterilization
  • the establishment of legal paternity and children’s subsequent outcomes
  • male allocare and life history traits among non-human primates
  • parental investment and children’s outcomes
  • adverse childhood environments (including father absence) and adult reproductive behavior
  • voluntary and forced migration into Oklahoma, and its effects of fertility and child mortality (using life history and migration data from the 1910 Census)
    • Any OU students who want to get involved in coding and analyzing historical Census data for this project, please contact me!

See the menu above for more details on my current and past research projects, as well as my publications, full c.v., teaching information, etc.

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Pictured above: me with a Gigantopithecus skull cast.